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The humans, being a social animal, have a constant need to stay in touch and in communication with their family and friends. We have witnessed various means to communicate with our family members and friends who are not living with us but somewhere else. One of the most convenient ways is to engage in chatting over the internet. There have been various apps over the years that have provided us the opportunity to chatwith our friends and family members. We could even make new friends all over the world.

In August 2003, Janus Friis and Niklas Zenstorm introduced us to Skype. It took the communication to a whole new level through integrating some of the most attractive features. It enabled us to talk to our associates face to face even sitting at far distances through video calls. Skype was an instant hit and have millions of users worldwide. In August 2015, it was enjoying a number of more than 300 million active users each month. It was first acquired by eBay in September 2005 but now Microsoft, the software giant, owns the application. It is available for all operating systems including, Windows, Mac, Android and BlackBerry.

Features of Skype:

Skype is offering various impressive features including:

  • Skype to Skype calls are completely free, you can enjoy texting, voice and video calls all day long without paying a single cent to Skype
  • Skype customer services are reliable and effective when it comes to technical problems
  • Conference calls are also available whether it is a text, voice or video conference
  • Text chat history is available for users so that they can refer to it in future if they have to
  • Skype to landline and mobile calls are also available but users have to get a premium package
  • Users can conveniently add their contacts through usernames as well as through their contact numbers
  • File sharing is also available to all users
  • It has also integrated screen sharing which is very helpful in presentations and other aspects
  • Smileys and emoticons are also available to make chatting more fun
  • Through SkypeIN, users can be contacted on their computers from any landline or mobile through dialing SkypeIn A.K.A. online number
  • Skype is available for computers as well as mobile devices

Technical Problem with Skype:

Although, Skype is offering some pretty attractive services and features but its users do have to face some difficulties with the services. That Includes:

  • Unable to login or connect to Skype
  • Username and Password problem
  • Unable to make a call, Skype to Skype or Skype to phone
  • Not receiving voice during a call
  • Video calling is not working
  • Call quality is very poor
  • Voice is not going through
  • Mobile apps do not work properly
  • Mobile app crashes during sign in or calling
  • Text messages are not being delivered or sent

Contacting Official Skype Customer Service:

Skype is offering various sources to its users so that they can convenient get the tech support they need. It features a support section on its official web where you can find the solutions to most of the common problems. Official Skype community can also be very helpful to find an appropriate solution to your problem. If you still have to contact Skype customer care, you can contact them through:

  • “Support Request” page
  • Facebook Page
  • Twitter account
  • YouTube page
  • Email
  • Live Chat
  • Phone (toll free number is available for Canada and USA only)

Get an Instant and Permanent Solution:

If you find yourself stuck with some technical problems and unable to get a solution, you can give us a chance to help. We are a team of experienced engineers who are offering Skype technical support to the clients all over the world. We are offering one-time and permanent solutions to our clients. We can be contacted irrespective of country and time. Whenever and wherever you are having a Skype problem, we are just a phone call away. We can offer you reliable solutions for all Skype related problems including:

  • Skype Installation problem (Computers or mobile devices)
  • Solution to call problems, voice and video
  • Boost calling quality, video and voice
  • Tweaks to boost overall performance of Skype
  • Password recovery
  • Complete Skype account recovery

We are available 24x7 to offer our technical services. You can get our support through:

  • Email
  • Live chat
  • Phone number

Our Technical Offerings

  • Quick & Timely Support
  • Support For All Issues
  • Complete Security Solution
  • Toll Free Helpline


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